Mark Williams

Co-owner and General Manager


Mark Williams is an industrious Ottawa based entrepreneur and one of the founding members of ARX Fencing & Logistics. Business was not Mark’s first choice though. Mark started his career in the field of Developmental Psychology. He has worked as a mentor, youth leader, and has sat on boards of NGO’s in his home country of St.Kitts and Nevis. This has allowed Mark to develop the people skills needed to build informed, well trained teams that work well together and achieve success.

Mark’s Business Career started when he launched an entertainment company in Ottawa whose focus was creating unique experiences for nightclub goers. After four years of successful events, Mark decided to switch his focus to the safety and security of special events. It is this new focus that led to the creation of ARX Fencing and Logistics Inc with his business partner. Mark is passionate about creating safe customized solutions for sites and special events across the Greater Ottawa Area.

Mark is also the Director of Operations for TOERSA Security Inc and Co-owner and General Manager of Purple Potties and Environmental Services.